Agronomist Supervisor

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Job Title: Agronomist Supervisor
Location: UM DOKHON, Central Darfour
Line Responsible: Base Manager & Agro Deputy Coordinator
Line Responsible for: Agro team at base level
Works in collaboration with: Community mobilizer team; Log and Admin team; Watsan team; other teams (Coordination team in Khartoum,.); various ministries, Local & traditional Authorities.

Triangle Generation Humanitaire (TGH) is an international, non-partisan and non-profit organization that operates according to principles of strict neutrality, political and religious impartiality, and non-discrimination. TGH launched its mission in Sudan in 2004, in response to the Darfur conflict. Since then, TGH has been implementing projects in Food Security and Livelihood, water supply, sanitation, and hygiene promotion.

General responsibility:
Under the supervision of the Agro Deputy Coordo and the Base Manager, the Agro Supervisor is responsible for the implementation of the food security activities of Triangle Generation Humanitaire (TGH) at base level. In the course of undertaking his/her tasks, he/she shall work with professionalism and honesty, and shall commit himself/herself to TGH principles as well as humanitarian principles.

Objectives of the position
The position includes the planning, implementation and monitoring of food security program, i.e.: cereal seeds and tools distribution, vegetable seeds and tools distribution, cereals and vegetables campaign monitoring, different surveys, target population registration, training for beneficiaries, data collection (food basket, market survey, rain fall data). The overall objective of this position is to improve the capacity of the existing Agro team in planning, implementing, managing and reporting TGH food security activities with a high degree of independence.

General responsibilities
• Supervise & follow up Agro activities at base level, ensure that high-quality work is done
• Manage and provide a support to Agro Supervisors and Agro teams
• Maintain relationship with communities, and lead the team in mobilizing community, in particular through field visits. Follow up and strengthen local committees
• Ensure coordination with other implementing partners at base level
• Ensure timely implementation of activities
• Ensure timely submission of accurate follow-up reports to Base Manager, Agro Deputy Coordinator
• Ensure needs assessment and programme monitoring and evaluation (M & E). The Agro Supervisor will be responsible for all assessments and data collection regarding food security.
• Together with Agro Deputy Coordinator, oversee capacity building-training needs (in relation with CB Coordinator). Provide training to Agro Teams if needed.
Main tasks
A. Management – Project Coordination - Representation
• Plan Agro Team activities weekly according to priorities
• Attend coordination meetings with external partners, localities and/or HAC at base level
• Attend or lead coordination meetings in case the Deputy Agro Coordo is absent
• Attend training, workshops, & coordination meetings organized by TGH in Khartoum or in Darfur.
• Follow up the evolution of environmental, geopolitical, local, and environmental factors that influence the level of farming production at base level (early warning of crisis).
• Meet community leaders (Sheikhs, Sheikhat) periodically to ensure that TGH intervention is beneficiary-focused and sustainable.

B. Reporting
• Guide Agro teams in conducting the assessments and following key program indicators
• Contribute to improve follow-up and assessment tools enabling to measure the impact of TGH farming activities in terms of: 1) quality and quantity of production at household level; 2) the relevance and accuracy of activities.
• Submit weekly and monthly reports and internal coordination reports (ICR) with the help of Agro team at base level
• Guide Agro teams in conducting the assessments and following key program indicators

C. Farming activities
• Forecast and plan agro stocks and submit purchase orders based on agro needs at base level
• Lead Agro Team and daily workers during regular kits distribution as per TGH strategy
• Submit the regular cash request based on agro calendar and agro planning in the base
• Organise and supervise distributions of agro inputs in different locations of geographical mapping of the base in accordance to TGH strategy, with the support of agro team and in coordination with Logistic Department
• Ensure that materials, tools and equipment required for food security activities are available timely, in coordination with the base logistician
• Follow up local farming practices technically and suggest possible improvement
• Follow up and collect data about farming inputs & farmers’ need in terms of types and/or varieties suitable to the climate of the area, and send them to Deputy Agro Coordo for global report
• Provide the Deputy Agro Coordo with the needed data and information that enable him to work on concrete and global aspects of food security for villagers that haven’t left their villages (North El Geneina and around Um Dukhun), returnees( Birgi between Bindizi and Mukjar) as well as on community organization, natural resources management and tree nursery (Bindizi)

D. Capacity building – Training
For TGH beneficiaries:
• Formalize & improve agro knowledge of Agro Technicians about relevant agro topics (through factsheets, booklets)
• Participate in the design & implementation of training methodology & contents for Agro & local farming teams.
• Supervise training sessions for the beneficiaries and organisation of groups benefiting of these trainings.
For TGH staff:
• Participate actively in the training courses recommended by TGH, and share new skills and knowledge with his/ her team or colleagues
• Inform his/her supervisor about identified training needs & training opportunities on his/ her job matters
• Co-operate in the supervision of partner organizations according to TGH partnership agreements
• Any other task related to TGH activities might be assigned by the Agro Deputy Coordinator.

Required competencies:
1. Certificate in Agricultural studies.
2. Experience of at least 2 years with NGOs, Ministry of Agriculture or Agro Companies in the area of food security and/or rural development.
3. Availability to travel to different locations in Darfur.
• Agricultural knowledge: agrarian calendar, use of agro materials (water pumps, treadles pumps, pulverisators), characteristics of local varieties…
• Knowledge about food security activities, NGOs and humanitarian environment
• Strong computer skills (Excel, Word, Outlook, Skype, scanning…); Knowledge of GPS mapping and GIS is a clear advantage.
• Written and spoken Arabic and English (advanced level); translating skills
• Excellent program management and planning skills
• Good leadership/team management skills
• Flexibility and ability to supervise and support a small team
• Excellent communication and reporting skills
• Data interpretation and analysis skills
• Ability to identify capacity building needs and to provide training sessions
Personal features
• Ability to work in remote and insecure environments
• Honest and hard worker
• Organised and efficient
• Creativity and Ability to work autonomously with minimum supervision, but within a team
• Good interpersonal relationship
• Ability to work under the stress
• Ability to work in an intercultural context
• Understanding and respecting of local culture, behaviors and attitudes of the local community

Those who are interested in the position are requested to submit application letter, CV, and copies of Academic/experience qualifications to HAC/Labour office, Jamhuria St.
Gross Salary: 1820 SDG Plus extra allowance as per TGH policy

Opening date 31/1/2013 -----Closing date 16/2/2013

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